Sometimes it takes coffee.    Sometimes it takes such a big mess I hurt myself just trying to get across the room.   Sometimes it takes throwing my dog’s squeaky toy 52 times for her with the justification that I am being a good doggie parent.  Usually it takes quite a bit of chocolate and the chowing down on many things in the refrigerator that I would normally not even consider tempting.  But once I start I find that I want to return and continue, embellish, extrapolate.  This is my usual routine after I’ve been out of the studio for an extended period.  I’ve not been in the studio since the beginning of Dec. and I’m having a terrible time getting back in there after the break over the holidays.  Jan. is traditionally a down time for me spent in the house trying to purge, reorganize, learn something new before heading back to the studio with a new direction for the new year.   But it is soo soo hard to just get back in there after a long break.   Hmmm, it’s already half way through Feb. now and I’m beginning to psych myself out.   The same with this blog.  I’ts been a month that I’ve had this new fangled thingy attached to my new fangled web site and it’s remained BLANK!  A blank page is so gosh darn EMPTY and thus intimidating.  So I’ve started by ending the vast blank page that is this blog.  I don’t find writing comfortable as is making things with clay.  It’s why I collect friends who are amazing word smiths who can fill in the word that I just can’t think of at the time and finish my sentences for me.  Numbers and clay are friendly and comfy.  Words are not although they remain endlessly fascinating to me.  So stay tuned.  Because I finally started.  So maybe tomorrow I’ll walk out into the studio before turning on the computer.