After a stint as a programmer for Apple Inc. in the 80’s I decided to live my dream in 1990.  I wanted to make pots for a living.  My then boyfriend, now husband, Chris and I bought a small house in Watsonville, CA.  He and his friends built a big beautiful studio for me.  Since then I have been a studio potter creating fine art for the wall and funky functional ware all from that amazingly versatile medium, clay.  Along the way I’ve become a mother, a teacher, and a student of children.   Watch a child make art.   There is no fear.  Our best work emerges when we operate in a place of no judgement. 

I’ve taught classes and workshops about my techniques since 1989.  I’m passionate about teaching as it provides the endless give and take of creativity that makes all of our work better.  I have yet to teach a class where I’ve not said, “I’ve never thought of doing it that way before!”  I’m continually watching for the result I’ve never seen before.  This teaching/learning process is a constant supply of fresh ideas that eventually changes my work consciously and sub-consciously and makes all our work better.

I live and work with this intention:  Pay attention to the process.  You may just find that the accident along the way pleases you more than the original goal.  And make sure you laugh at yourself along the way!  

Are there any regrets leaving Apple in 1990?  I’ve never looked back.