Elaine Pinkernell

Ceramic Artist

Raku mixed media

I treat the clay as if it were fabric or paper.  I  roll out a soft slab, texture it, rip it, even cut holes in it to add an extra dimension.  I then drape the  slab over a plaster dome to achieve it’s shield-like shape or lay it on drywall to keep it flat.  The piece is given it’s dramatic glaze effects by firing it using the ancient Japanese process known as Raku. The piece is pulled out red hot at over 1900 degrees and smoked in a barrel full of combustible materials.  As soon as the barrel has cooled I eagerly “peek” to see what magically one-of-a-kind results the fire has allowed  me.  Finally I enhance the contrast of color and texture by embellishing the piece with imported silk fabrics, glass beads, wire, computer parts, and more.


My latest work.  Hearts, spirals, boxes, ones and zero’s.  Used as icons, patterns, doodles, they continue to inspire me.



Just in time for the Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival.  The focus ranges from gestural marks to fun with circuit boards to texture from detritus gleaned from my frequent walks through the farm next door.  Berries currently grow there and there are many lovely rope and twine scraps to be used as new texture tools.


Hearts and hugs and kisses.  Just in time for Vtines Day.  Can kitsch be cool?  I gave it my best shot….