Available work


All work below is sold.


I added a soothing green tea glaze into my color palate.


A new technique emerged this year.  It’s a coil/slab hybrid construction method sometimes using a press mold and sometimes using my old friend, the tar paper.


Texture tools made with jute twine were my obsession in this batch.


Still in love with my red glaze and my IKEA placemat.  The beauty of the ripped edge, texture,  and contrasting colors of clay are the contants.


More variations on vases and mugs.


Red and black became the dominant focus as I decided to put the green glaze on hiatus.  My love affair with an IKEA placemat for texture ran it’s course over many of the new pieces.   I actually sat down at the potter’s wheel after letting it gather dust for 10 years to create luscious bowls to complement my slab work.  It felt warm and delicious.

Ripped up method

I treat the clay as if it were fabric used in a quilt.  Each piece begins as soft slabs of contrasting colored clays which are torn apart and textured.  My texture tools range from clay stamps which I  create to imported Indian wood cuts to everyday objects like bits of  wood, buttons, screwdrivers, a meat tenderizer, and  more.  The textured pieces are assembled back into a single sheet of clay like a puzzle.  This sheet is then used to create a geometric shape with the help of a tar paper template.  The result is a boldly refined form made playful by its richly dressed up surface.  The addition of glazes into the textures enlivens the piece with color and contrast.

Single slab method

Using the same tar paper templates sometimes I choose to texture a single slab to create a more subtle look.  I leave only a portion of the clay’s skin showing allowing the glaze itself to speak in concert with the textures.

All my pieces are safe for food, can be put in the dishwasher, and into the microwave.